Opportunities & Obstacles In Digital Assets Trading

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FTX Proposes Direct Clearing for Futures Trading

FTX brought brought and debated a disruptive approach of the Clearinghouse model in front of the U.S. Congress today by proposing two new, key features: direct clearing access sidestepping autocratic control of futures trading, and automated liquidations of margin positions.

Whether FTX’s proposal succeeds is almost irrelevant.

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried opened a pandora’s box of democratic, automated futures trading. Congresspersons and investors alike shall discuss this in the months ahead.

It’s essential to review the mechanics of margin trading quickly. An initial margin, often 50%, represents the proportion of the futures order value required to open a position in the form of securities in safekeeping. If the price of the underlying security drops, so does the value of the initial margin, possibly prompting a margin call.

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